Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some new summer time favorites

We have been trying a few new things this summer and my family has a few new favorites we wanted to share with you . . . (this is just us experimenting with new products and we have received no incentives, sponsorships, etc.)

Silk Pure Almond - Original
I used to drink soy milk, it took a little getting use to (okay, it took a lot of getting used to), but when DS was born, we switched to whole milk.  We have gradually moved down to organic skim milk, even DH will drink skim milk now, but only the organic - it is not so watery.  I decided to try the original Pure Almond last week and brought it home.  It is soooooo much better than soy milk! DS tried it and liked it, but DH won't even try.  It has fewer calories and less sugars than skim milk and has vitamin E, iron and potassium. It also does not feel as "heavy" as milk, which is great for this summertime heat. I have been using it as a substitute in some baking and am happy with the results.  It is also great in smoothies. 

Nature Valley Granola Thins
I like granola bars, they are a convenient take-along snack that can add to your daily intake of whole grain.  These are my new favorite treat.  It is a very thin granola "wafer" with a coating of dark chocolate on the bottom.  It is more crispy than crunchy so it is just right when you need a little something sweet. 

At only 80 calories, it beats those 100 calorie packs, and it is not too sweet.  Now you can enjoy a little whole grain with the antioxidants of dark chocolate.

Only one complaint, the chocolate melts quickly, so it is not a good choice for outdoor activities (unless you don't mind licking the chocolate off the paper and your fingers).

Dole Sensations Watermelon Juice
(sorry no photo) - This really does taste like watermelon in a glass.  DS goes nuts for this stuff (he is a water kid), so I have to ration it a little.  He must not be the only one, we had to go to 4 stores (over the course of a week) before we finally found some.  In this summertime heat, it makes a light refreshing break in what sometimes feels like endless glasses of water.  You could always juice a watermelon yourself, but I would rather be stitching and, at under $3, it is cheaper than juicing your own watermelon.

What are your favorite new products of the summer?

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  1. Seriously.. I've not seen these yet, and they look yummy!